A moment of well being in your garden!

To relax outdoors, discover the traditional Scandinavian bath, heated by a wood stove environmentally friendly.
Coming back from your work day, skiing …
Dive into a hot bath for a fun time to share with family or friends.
Forget the worries, the aches of the day evacuate the bad mood all evaporates in smoke at 38 °.

Nothing prevents you to enjoy the benefits of contrast “hot / cold” in your spraying with cold water or by rolling in the snow.


To mount your bath between 36 ° and 38 ° you will need 2-3 hours of heating depending on the size of the bath, the water temperature, outside temperature and wood quality.
Finnish custom for over 2000 years, the sauna is a tradition in the land of frozen lakes.
It gives customers many benefits: de-stressing, relaxing, beneficial effect of this treatment on blood circulation and skin.
Our saunas, custom built, are heated by an electric stove. Regular use of the sauna purifies the body and improves body balance.

Do not hesitate!

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