Tarentaise Cheminées showroomYour fireplace is a reflection of your personality to a harmonious interior. We offer steel fireplaces with contemporary brands Donbar, Stuv, or in other Metalfire. Design, choice of materials make these products a perfection of balance and harmony. We also offer fireplaces rustic charm and tradition, the beauty of stone and wood charm. So young and old will live unforgettable moments are at the hearth with the crackle and warmth of a wood fire.

Make your choice among the models of the brands we offer below :

Inserts :

STUV Bodart & Gonay Don Bar

The Boiler Inserts :


Simple face retractable Chimney :

STUV Bodart & Gonay  Axis

Double-sided retractable Chimney  :

STUV  Axis

Angles Fireplace:

Bodart & Gonay  Axis