>>>B&G Infire 800

The INFIRE 800 GREEN belongs to the very latest generation of wood-burning fireplaces developed by BG engineers.

Its brand new combustion principle makes it possible to achieve exceptional results in terms of CO emissions and efficiency.

Front dimensions801 x 621 mm (4 mm 4-sided frame)849 x 670 mm (30 mm 4-sided frame)849 x 640 mm (30 mm 3-sided frame)

Window dimensions665 x 384 mm

Fitting dimensions803 x 496 x 623 mm

Weight130 Kg

Nominal power13 kW

Effective power with ventilationMini : 8 kW / Maxi : 16 kW

Efficiency : 75,5%

CO Emissions : 0,02%

Dust Emissions (mg/N3) : 63


Options :

3 frames available : 4 mm 4-sided frame, 30 mm 4-sided frame, 30 mm 3-sided frame. Two versions available: the screen look or the conventional metallic look.

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