>>>Metalfire Tunnel MF 1050

Metalfire fireplaces bring the irreplaceable cosiness of a natural source of heat to your interior.
Fire has been bringing people together for ages. With its line Ultime, Universal, Unique and Urban, Metalfire adds to this the simplicity of modern design and the convenience of the very latest technology.
Stylish fireplaces that combine comfortable heat with the aesthetic pleasure of a splendid design.

Metalfire wood-burning fireplaces with retractable sliding glass-door combine the heating output of a closed fireplace with the appearance of a traditional hearth. By simply lifting the glass-door, you opt for the safety and the low-energy aspect of a closed

fireplace, or on the other hand, for the direct and warm contact of a common fireplace, without any visible metal frame.

Optimum efficiency

The performance of our fireplaces is obtained thanks to an outstanding secondary

combustion for an environmentally-friendly combustion process:

low in emissions, with a minimum consumption of wood.
An automatic flue gas regulator reduces heat loss, prevents annoying smoke flow-back and regulates the heat in the interests of efficiency. The burning chamber is finished with black vertical fibbed cast iron, improving the radiant heat.

At last, a convection housing enveloping the fireplace enables to reheat and distribute the ambient air in the surrounding room. These appliances respond resolutely to the customer seeking a wood-burning fireplace which combines respect of environment and contemporary design.


As there is no conventional metal frame, you have a full view of the fire. The appliance is equipped with a sliding glass panel in front of the entire fire  opening.

This feature emphasises a sober design which can be integrated into every interior.

Air sweeping system – clean glass

A constant air flow sweeps the glass-door in order to prevent a quick darkening.

Adjustable damper plate (front models)

Higher quality combustion has obviously an impact on the heat output. Thanks to the adjustable damper plate present on the Ultime line, a perfect balance can be found between heat emission and an ideal draught. The damper plate controlled simultaneously when the glass-door is lifted or lowered.

Cast iron combustion chamber

On the inside, the burning chamber is finished with fluted small stripes made of black cast iron. The properties of cast iron reinforce naturally the radiance Stainless steel baffle

A stainless baffle (manually adjustable)
slows down the drawing up of thesmokes, it enables so to improve the combustion of the gas in order to optimize the efficiency of the stove. Accessible mechanism

The retractable sliding glass-door mechanism is entirely accessible and may be fully disassembled, even after the appliance has been built-i Tiltin g glass -door The sliding glass-door can be tilted for cleaning the backside of the glass.


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