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NunnaUuni fireplaces store heat and are therefore ideal for a wide range of heating applications.
Being independent of other energy sources, they are always reliable heat producers.
Our collection includes storing stoves, storing stoves with baking ovens, baking ovens, baking ovens with cookers, and cookers.

NunnaUuni fireplaces are divided into three heat categories on the basis of their daily useful heat output, which makes it easy for you to choose a fireplace that produces the right amount of heat for your home.

Dimension information :

Height: 1505 mm

Width: 910 mm

Depth: 490 mm

Fireplace weight: 1400 kg

Bottom plinth weight: 95 kg

Compatible with the Aurum Pellet Unit: Yes

Thermal information :

Thermal energy: 50-57 kWh

Nominal heat output / time: 2,3 / 7,3 kW/h

Heat release time (h), per cent of the maximum output:

100% 4,9 h

50% 17,0 h

25% 26,6 h

Efficiency: 82%

Heating time (h:min): 2:30

Maximum amount of wood / heating occasion: 15 kg

Firewood length: 33 cm

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