>>>DDG Tornado

The Tornado is often the chosen one of these ladies! Indeed, who could imagine that behind the plastic lies a beautiful real wood boiler.

The view of the fire is breathtaking: the glass is rounded and large: 57 to 48 cm.


In this series, all the powers are available: from 23 to 58kW. Unlike Eco, this series is not insulated wall. It is therefore well suited to poorly insulated houses or large volumes. Things are heating up as a normal stove but you heat your radiators to boot! To decrease the proportion of energy given to the air, place this template and insert isolate with refractory wool.

The combustion chamber is large: 40 cm high and 60cm deep and wide. Long live the log of 50cm.

Optionally, this stove can be coated with a layer of soapstone that can store heat and then disseminate longer.

This fireplace can be placed as stove (with wood tray) or as an insert (without wooden tray).



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