We aspire to live more authentic moments but simple and durable.

Tarentaise Cheminées is sensitive to the idea of ​​a place to live comfortable and cozy that respects the traditions.

Finnish stoves Nunna Uuni sublimate our lives. each incipient fire for relaxing. Wood heating is a mature choice.
The storage heaters heat entirely designed soapstone, associated with dry wood and ensures a good synonym for heating energy savings than ever before.
We use in our stoves Nunna Uuni the latest technology for burning wood efficiently and cleanly.
Our stoves Nunna Uuni is constructed entirely of soapstone, the combustion chamber to the outer surfaces.

From the heart of the stove, the heat spreads evenly in the room. After a heating time of 3 hours, the energy slowly released chauufe housing for more than 24 h.


See the construction of a stove mass

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